AmberOmega’s blogging challenge

Ok, my friend Amber (who is responsible for inspiring me to start this blog) is hosting a Blogging Challenge and if I knew how to link back to it without a really long URL, I would.  Maybe I’ll just post it below….I wanna give credit where credits due you know!

Anyway, she is challenging us to choose from a list of topics to blog about, just to get us ‘writing’ – 4x a week, now that in itself, is a challenge!….so here goes….I’m already behind, she posted this on March 5th and I am just seeing it now!

I’m choosing #1, a Top 10 List, because I am already over-achieving today by posting 2x!

AMBER’S CHALLENGE –>  A List {like top ten, bucket list, countdown

So here goes, my top ten RANDOM favorite things off the top of my head on this fine, HOT March day:


  1. 75 degree weather in MARCH in MINNESOTA
  2. Swedish Fish
  3. New art supplies – most any will do!
  4. Pinterest
  5. Black pants
  6. Maybelline eye makeup remover w/ the blue cap
  7. iTunes
  8. Product packaging that doesn’t require a blade, scissor or man to open and can be neatly repackaged
  9. The internet
  10. Excel spreadsheets*

*I swear I do like them, most of you who know me would probably disagree…but I LOVE being able to put stuff in lists and columns and sort it later on….oh and have it add numbers FOR me!  🙂

PS I just previewed this and the layout is giving me the creeps….if you recall, this whole blogging thing is something I wanted to do, but didn’t ever just DO IT cuz I knew it wouldn’t be perfect, (I don’t exactly know what I’m doing)…and this is one of those things that bugs the crap outta me, is that I can’t make it LOOK NICE and be PERFECT – being a graphic designer, I’m feeling very challenged an sorta outta my league…but owell – that’s the heart of this whole blog, right?




I’m so not good about keeping this blog up to date, or being creative in what I’m writing about, etc….but as anything, it takes focus and that, my friend, is something I am not very good at!  (well I maybe VERY good at it actually, it’s just I’m focused on ‘other’ things…)

OR is it I am just focused on too many things…yeah, that’s it.  I want to do it all, you see I have a bazillion ideas running thru my brain all the time and want to attend to all of them, at once.  But, instead, I don’t get a whole lot accomplished….instead I sit HERE, finding MORE ideas to ‘pin’ or ‘bookmark’ or…think about and add to the already too many in my head!  I bet more people can relate to this than I believe….
I saw this great quote/poster the other day on pinterest that really spoke to me – totally how I feel so much of the time…..but maybe that’s OK, maybe I just need to embrace that….it’s part of who I am and that’s OK….and you know, every now and then I DO finish something….and then I’m done and and sorta panic like “OMG, now it’s done, now what am I gonna do!”
I have realized over time I think I LIKE not having everything done – to avoid the fear of “not having anything to do” ….really?!  I know, really – like there isn’t enough to do!?  ….there is, but for some crazy reason, I think I just might run out…of ideas?! and I guess if that IS the case, I could then get started on all of the ideas I have pinned….just today, and that would keep me busy for quite some time.
Says it all right here!
Does anyone else out there enjoy finding the ideas, BUYING all of the stuff you need, only to have it sit in the bag, on the art table, waiting to be ‘created’ only to be sidetracked by the next fun thing?
I guess that shows us life is good and full of so many fun things to do, create, enjoy and participate it and that there is enough ‘stuff’ out there for everyone to enjoy!  So get out there, find your “thing” and just do it….even if it’s just a ‘bit’ of it and then you are onto the next thing!  Sorta like a buffet table for life, that way you don’t have to eat everything, right?! and you can enjoy several things and then go back and FOCUS on the one you liked best!  🙂
Happy SUNNY day!

Ready for Change? I am!

“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got”  

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Check out this great song from Katie Drake – I first heard it at the Brave Girls Camp and it’s really the theme song!  I won’t say a lot today and let the song speak for me!  🙂


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No time for words…

OK so my first attempt at publishing this post launched without the first half of it…so hoping this “edit” will go thru!

As I was saying, I have no time for words today, so was going to list out 3 things I am grateful for at the moment:

No 1 My Grandma Britta!  She is 103 yrs young, lives on her own and totally enjoys life!

No 2 was my little Puggle Ada!  (pug+beagle=crazy) as she barks her head off downstairs at 11PM…  😀

No 3 was Brave Girls Camp – my experience there and all the wonderful people I met!  I had a lot more of you here, but not sure where they went…so for now…enjoy these pics!  🙂ImageKim who came all the way from NEW ZEALAND!!!

ImageJohanna and Chrissie

ImageMelody and MIchelle

ImageThe Red Carpet

ImageLetting it all go!  and no this was NOT staged…this is for real and I captured it!  🙂

ImagePatrice’s sweet boots (Gina’s too!)

ImageAnd lastly, our sweet send off…I tried to post the video of them running after us waving…but haven’t mastered that quite yet…

OK so didn’t have a lot to say I thought, wow!  Funny how it keeps coming out once you start!

So maybe I captured many more things I am grateful for!

What are YOU grateful for?  Drop me 3 in the comments!

Good nite!

Interestingly enough….

As I logged into to Facebook this morning, I see my new friend Amber has written her first blog post and boy did it resonate!  Everything she says is exactly how “I’ve” been feeling and (I’m sure I’m the only one who feels this way, right?)

So I thought, well ‘if she can do it just like that’, then so can I…..but by the looks of things, apparently I had this great idea of just “jumping in” and starting this blog about 5 months ago….only to have forgotten about it until I decided to search for a name for my new blog this morning..hmmm, the name was already taken, so I thought maybe, just maybe I had already signed up….and sure enough I did and yep, that was it, I had only signed up.  (PS I can be forgetful AND love to dive into things as quickly as it pops into my head – which is quite frequently and sporadically!)

So today, I am officially going to kick off this blog-thing, figure it out and JUST DO IT.  I’m not exactly sure what all you’ll see here, but I’m sure over time it’ll be cre8tiv bits of randomness from my perfectly imperfect life….in fact, that is just exactly what has held me back in so many places, worrying about it ‘having to ‘BE PERFECT‘ because if it can’t be perfect, then why do it at all, right?  WRONG…I am embracing my uniqueness in this world and jumping in and not looking back!

A few years ago my mom gave me this great little canvas…

She believed she could, so she did.

…it stares at me everyday I sit at my computer….I LOVE the saying and I have always wished I could live by it, but up until today I haven’t been very good about it….so TODAY IS DAY ONE (one of the best things I learned at Brave Girls Camp a few weeks back and I think TODAY is the perfect day to start!

Today is the day I am going to really start believing and jump in whole-heartedly…in many areas, not just this blog.

For those of you that don’t know me….I can be quite outgoing, have a gazillion things going on at once, often running late and sometimes have a hard time focusing and sticking to things – – but my  heart is always in it if I want to do it….IF I do it.  Key phrase there, “IF I DO IT”…. ‘NOT doing it’ has often been my thing – mainly because of the fear of not having it all figured out up front, the perfect “look” or the perfect grammar!  Yeah, I know, sounds pretty dumb when I write it out and read it, huh?  🙂

….so with the help of my new friends, old friends, family, strangers and YOU (yes, you who are actually READING THIS) I am going to DO IT ANYWAY – even if it’s not perfect today or ever!  It will be perfect for me!

Thanks for visiting!

Just gonna do it!

I’m not sure how to do this whole blogging thing, but I am just going to jump in and start….and see where it takes me! I am creative, so I am confident I will figure it out!